Springs of Hope Foundation

Where Hope Heals

Hope can only bring healing at that very place where the wound was inflicted.

So Springs of Hope Foundation left all and went to that very spot. Northern Iraq with close to half a million displaced people and refugees. Yezidi refugees still bleeding from genocide in Sinjar. Syrian Muslims still displaced, lamenting their former life in Aleppo, Syria.  We have learned that hope is not nebulous. Hope has a sound. Hope has a colour. It even has its own fragrance. A great one. Hope brings change. Hope gives the strength and determination to go on. Through our projects and tireless activity, and with your helping hand, together we can do it. We would love you to take just a few minutes out of your schedule and have a glimpse into our world, a house positioned between refugee camps, sheep, goats and running sewage. 


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The Lives We change

We would like you to pause and look at something rare that is happening within the campus of USA Springs of Hope Foundation Inc, based inside Shariya camp, Northern Iraq. Within the Yezidi community, we work with 250 kids, teens and women who were abducted into the bowels of the Caliphate to become their slaves and soldiers. We create programs to meet their needs. Slowly and with great deliberation, healing of shattered lives is becoming our reality.


We can not do it without you


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