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The Hope Clinic


The Hope Clinic is a holistic, multi disciplinary, and educational centre inside The Hope Centre campus,  serving both our students, and the elderly members of the tent community inside Shariya Camp. 


It is a place of healing in many ways. Our kids inevitably run in with scrapes and bruises won on the sports field and it’s home to the elderly where they receive both medical and emotional attention. For the more elderly it’s a lifeline, a place of connection, a place of quiet refuge amongst 4000 identical tents each with similar stories..


Whilst measuring blood pressure and sugar levels we hear the stories of widows whose four children are still in the captivity of ISIS or have been killed, there is no way to know. One was pregnant when she was taken captive. For seven years the widow has worried day and night, it’s no wonder that her blood pressure is off the charts. These are the lives we touch every day.


During the last almost two years of the COVID 19 pandemic, our clinic has been in high demand due to both travel restrictions, and the need for a smaller, more sanitised place than the larger outside the camp centres.


The Hope Clinic works in conjunction with our Psych/Trauma department, in order to provide healing for both the soma and the psyche.

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