Hopefully Yours

During the course of one year, Springs of Hope Foundation has received and become home to over three hundred, our numbers rise daily, women, children and youth who have been rescued from captivity in the Islamic state and who have been brought to safety in the Kurdish region of Iraq.


The vast majority of the child refugees have no parents, some are sole survivors of their tribal family. They are alone and have nothing. Not even new clothing or a tent to dwell in.


After five years under the black flag they have forgotten their mother tongue and speak only Syrian Arabic. They have lost in the war five years of their life, education, and work. 


They have been raped, sold, abused, tortured, starved, dehumanised, forced to bow to the rule and reign of the caliphate of ISIS. They have forgotten their real names, some have forgotten even the name of their village. 


Their identity has been stripped from them. Their dignity paraded in endless slave markets. Their health, physical and emotional has been abused. 


The come through the blue gate into The Hope House, broken, wary, suspicious of who we are, some are angry, some are enraged, some just beginning to mourn for the loss of family and home. 


Some don't want to come, but they do because their friends who " served " alongside them in places like Raqqa and Baghouz, Deir-ez-Zor and Mosul love being with us and have invited them and they miss their friends.


Some come and call us "infidels" , some come in need of endless hugs. Some come on ancient  bikes, some in wheelchairs. 


Some ask for food, some for footballs, some for goldfish or rabbits or doves. Some don't even know for what to ask. 


Hopefully, Yours is for these women and kids. The orphans, and the widows. The sole survivors and the shelterless. 


They need your help. Without your tangible care and generosity they will remain broken. They will remain without clothes, with our the ability to pay for a haircut or medical check ups. 


We ask you to consider a twelve month commitment of $60 per month to support just one of those who have survived the ravages of the Islamic State. To give them a chance at life. 


Hope is tangible. We hope that you will be a living demonstration of Hope. 

Hopefully, Yours.

A look into daily life of child war refugees
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Shariya Camp, Dohuk, Northern Iraq |

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