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We’d love to invite you into our world. It's based in this colorful but tired Yezidi village with hundreds of tents randomly pitched between the houses in the shadow of a majestic mountain and adjacent to a crumbling refugee camp.


It's just a couple of minutes walk to The Hope Centre inside the camp, home to numerous women, children and youth who have escaped from Isis and are now anxious to disengage from the psychological and spiritual brainwashing and to reconstruct their lives. 


Then just down the road on the other side of the mountain is a crumbling tenement town packed full of Syrian refugees, all seeking asylum in the region, all with stories of horror as they escaped the devastation of Syria. This town smells of war, the atmosphere of war has somehow entered the gate of this town. It's there that The Rainbow Zone gathers the Syrian kids and Mums and gives them a place of peace to recover and recalibrate their lives. 

There is a saying in Kurdistan, that they have no friends other than the mountains.

Our pictures will show that is no longer true. Friends have come and we’re here to stay.

If that is our impact, that’s enough for us. We have aligned hearts and aligned lives. That in itself is change.


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