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Springs of Hope Foundation
Mission Statement

Our Mission

The mission of USA Springs of Hope Foundation is to see the survivors of genocide and crimes against humanity in the Middle East be restored and empowered  taking their place as future leaders in their community and region.


SOHF braids together traditional and holistic  educational and vocational experiences with trauma -responsive services and a supportive milieu.


 We are fully committed to the long term  work of serving the marginalised and oppressed minority ethno-religious groups  whose rights have been abused,  whose voices, marginalised and silenced and whose lives have historically been pervaded by inequality and lack of justice, leading to dire regional consequences. Everyone whom we serve is treated equally regardless of tribal or social standing, religious beliefs, socio-economic situation,caste or gender.


We live and work in community maintaining sensitivity and  respect for tradition and culture,  whilst seeking through authentic engagement to create a platform for  individual and societal change and reform.


Our employees and volunteers are chosen pursuing our policy of equal opportunity based upon individual  suitability to work within vulnerable  communities.

Our Vision

The vision of USA Springs of Hope Foundation Inc is to create stimulating educational and rehabilitational campuses for the Yezidi and Syrian communities. where safety, protection, respect and dignity in a post-genocide society, are of paramount importance.


Within each campus SOHF provides a continuum of educational, therapeutic and basic needs programmes along with sustainable life skills vocational programmes, each suited to the ongoing community needs. 

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