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Horses for Hope


Horses for Hope is an Equine-Assisted Therapy and Learning Centre being built in the fields adjacent to a neighboring village, one repeatedly bombed and destroyed by Saddam Hussein. 


Given the correct environment, horses can make deep connections with people and help bring healing to the suffering such as experienced by both the Syrian and Yezidi communities. In such safe environments, emotions and traumatic events can be safely experienced. Riding and caring for horses both uses and develops one’s mind and body. 


The Springs of Hope Equine-Assisted Therapy and Learning Centre will provide facilities and therapy horses to help the students form healthy relationships with the horses, and give them the skills and responsibilities that will aid them in their growth and healing process. 


Skilled equine instructors partner with trauma-responsive counsellors to work with riders and help them risk feeling and caring for something outside of themselves. Equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning has been used successfully with PTSD clients to reduce anxiety and depression as well as to promote healthy self-acceptance, social skills and better understanding of boundaries in relationships.


Horses for Hope, built on the rubble of hate, will provide healing and  educational opportunities for the students and clients of Springs of Hope Foundation. 

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