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About Springs of Hope Foundation

Here at Springs of Hope Foundation (SOHF) we live the radical beauty of transformation and restoration. These aren't mere words from a dictionary, these are facts of our life here amongst thousands of torn, worn out tents. People who are becoming whole having been broken by hate. 

Broken lives don't mend overnight, which is why we are here for the very long haul. Broken lives need patience, they require us to sit very quietly on the sidelines, no agenda, just to be, waiting for that moment when the process of healing is ready to begin and then to help with great wisdom and care. 


We are a team of 23 Yezidi staff, with 4 international volunteers, who make a daily choice for peace, who make a daily choice to live amongst the most vulnerable and to embrace the most dangerous into our family. 

We are not the ones who " do it" or take the headlines . Our time and effort is poured into the broken so that they become the glue and the cement  in the rebuilding process of their communities. Our passion is to see them raised up and embracing their future. 

Our invitation to you, is not to fear those who are unknown on the other side of the world. Our challenge is not to fear that which appears dark or way too big. Our innvitation to you is to reach out, join our ever growing family, listen to their voices, follow their successes.




We're the guys who love peace but live in a war zone.

We do life within a centre which is an oasis placed between hundreds of refugee tents in a 20,000 person refugee camp. 

We’re there to be the antidote to a region brimming with ancient hate and prejudice. We’re the gentle infusion of love, hope and future to hundreds of youth and women who have been rescued from captivity in the black caliphate of neighbouring countries. 

We’re there because we believe in change and legacy. We want our kids to look back one day with pride and not shame, and say “ Hey they turned up . They broke the silence and apathy of the world and picked up and did something that counted”. We want to be the change in this crazy region. Read about our mission and vision and find out how we live change.

USA Springs of Hope Foundation Inc, is a United States based 501(C)3 non profit organization, with its organizational base in Texas, and its service provision based in Kurdistan, Iraq.


Springs of Hope Foundation is a Non - Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in Erbil, Kurdistan and Baghdad, Iraq. 

Our Team


The vision of USA Springs of Hope Foundation Inc is to create stimulating educational and rehabilitation campuses for the Yezidi and Syrian communities - where safety, protection, respect and dignity in a post-genocide society, are of paramount importance.


Within each campus SOHF provides a continuum of educational, therapeutic and basic needs programs along with sustainable life skills vocational programs, each suited to the ongoing and changing community needs.

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