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The Birthing Chair

I was tagged in a Facebook post this week. I am tagged in many by tent dwellers who want their voice to be heard, the majority of which never make it to my page. This however caused me to spring into immediate action. It was the saddest of stories, a tragic story that needed an immediate infusion of life and demanded both hearing and justice.

“I rescued the poor who cried for help and the fatherless who had none to assist them. I was a father to the needy, I took up the case of the stranger”

Job 29

This is from the transcript of the video.

“We are from Tel Qasb village in Sinjar, now living in Shariya Camp.”

Interviewer: “Hanin, don’t cry, there are good people who will help you. God will help you.”

“I am crying when I see my siblings and I am unable to help them. These things make me cry. Since our parents died, we were not even able to visit their graves due to our hard situation. We miss them so much. We are not able to go anywhere or do anything due to our circumstances.”

Hanin was 5 and her brother Hanan 6 when their mother died. Their father remarried, his wife gave birth to Habib and Kovan. The father also died. Tragedy continued when the stepmother abandoned her two children, Habib and Kovan in order to remarry, telling Hanin that she was now their mother.

Hanin continues:

“My story is very hard, at this young age we were all orphans. I was going to school and at the same time the mother of three. I needed a mother. How can I take care of these children without any help, any support? Overnight I became both mother and father.

We are reliant upon our neighbors to give us food. Hanan does not go to school, he tries to find day work but there is nothing at the moment. Sometimes our neighbors give us clothes or something for our tent.

"I can’t buy anything for my siblings. Not clothes or even a biscuit or bag of chips for school. My heart is filled with sorrow when I see them sitting on the side watching their friends eat and they have nothing. They return from school hungry but there is nothing to give them, they only eat if the neighbors bring food.

"We all have two pairs of clothes. One I wash for them. One we wear. I am very embarrassed when I see our friends at school wearing nice, clean clothes. I am broken and embarrassed. I just wish for clothes for my siblings.

"This is too heavy a situation for me to carry alone, please help us.” Hanin today, age 14.