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Stretching the Tent Pegs

This weeks update is quite short as we are busy extending “enlarging the site of our tent, lengthening our cords and strengthening our stakes”. That which was unexpected to us although totally under our nose, has happened. Horses for Hope has run out of space for both horses and people. Due to the drought in the land we need the capacity to store six months worth of hay and oats. We have two pregnant mares whose babies will enter our world in a few months. We need additional space for our students. We need wheelchair accessible toilets and teaching area. We need to build. Again and now prior to the start of the winter rains. I had planned to write about our four wheelchair bound students whose journey of healing is nothing short of a miracle. Indeed I have written but it will wait for another week as my day commenced with a message, “our foundations are wrong, can you come to the stables and decide whether to lengthen or shorten.” We lengthened. We will be back next week sharing our heroes journey with you. Please remember that some of our day to day life and the lessons learned when out in the fields and around the village, is shared in our daily app blog. Download links at the end of this post. We wanted to share some photos from this week with you and will be back next week!

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