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Photo Diary


One of our staff has finally located his three sisters and one nephew who were taken into captivity almost nine years ago. He heard from them just once about eight months ago. Since then nothing. During the recent earthquakes in the Kurdish area of Turkey and Syria I asked him whether he had heard anything as our guess was that they were in that region. We committed to praying that they would be found along with a genuine way to bring them home …this was lacking when contact was first made. His sisters and nephew have been located. Contact has been made. They can come home but coming home "costs". Not the price that the captors would have demanded but the price that a simple man who can help with safe houses, travel documents etc is asking, namely $12,000 for all four. Transfer of funds and family will be organized via border security officials. If you are able to help in any way to bring these sisters home and heal a broken family, our staff member and I would be more than grateful. Email us at: or give via the website with the reference “For the sisters”. Please only use this exact reference. If you can not please pray and pray again for their safe return and for their journey of healing that will begin. With so many thanks.


Photo Diary

We're taking a breather this week so here's a photo diary of some of our recent activities. See you next week...


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