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From Kajen, Computer Science teacher

“When I see a finger on the keyboard, I see a key not a finger or a hand. I see a key to unlocking the future. Most of my computer students have never seen a computer, a keyboard, laptop or tablet. This is a new world to them. Most of them find it hard at first, it is harder for them to get used to the computer than it is for me to teach them.

Sometimes they become frustrated when they see "the machine" yet lack the skills to operate it. It deeply touches my heart when a student comes to register for the course, desperate to learn and tells me that he has heard about computers from a friend but has never seen one.

Our reality is different from yours. Our kids have a foot in two worlds, the world of computer science and developing technology and a world of poverty, with large families, and no food. My students come from families that are broken, trying to survive, they lack the attention and time that a western child receives, they have to do everything on their own, they have to find the key to the future. I am committed to giving them keys. Sometimes they say that I am tough, true, they have to unlock that door.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish,”

Proverbs 29.18

"My students are neither angry nor bitter at their seven year plight. They just want to grab hold of life. They dream and they dream big, maybe even bigger than western kids, cos their life literally depends on their dreams. My students are deep thinkers, their night dreams reflect their day visions. Their dreams and visions will become reality.

"Many never realize they always had the key in the pocket, so they die at the locked door, never reaching deep inside to pull it out."