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The Most Powerful Weapon

" Is education, which you can use to change the world, " so said Nelson Mandela. September 7th, 2017 is a watershed day in Kurdistan. Springs of Hope Foundation launched a powerful weapon today in our Shariya camp classroom, namely fully accredited, fully sponsored online university degrees both Bachelors and Masters.

Thanks to the exceptional partnership with the American University of the People, 10 scholarships were granted to both Yezidi and Muslim students coming from Shingal, Erbil and those living locally in Shariya camp and the village. It's been a joy to watch them exercise freedom of choice, Health Science, Computer Science and Business Administration. To help them realize and follow their dream, one which was swept away from them the day that Daesh marched in.

Thanks to the vision and generosity of the President of University of the People, further scholarships are available to suitable students for 2018. Potential applicants may contact us in our Shariya office. We want to see this vision spread. We want to see these young high school graduates whom Daesh has tried to kill and destroy become the head and not the tail. We are standing here in the wings to encourage our current students and all who want to grab hold of this powerful weapon...we will be your biggest fans and your loudest cheerleaders.

We are more than overjoyed to watch our students embark on their new journey, a journey which from day one gives them hope and keys to a future in the shadow of ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity.

This is a new day for Kurdistan which until now has not been willing to recognize online university studies. We encourage interested high school graduates to get on board and actively prepare for their future. University education is indeed the passport.

Thanks to Waar TV and Rudaw TV for their live coverage of this important day in the history of University education in Kurdistan.

Thanks to all the University of the People staff in California, for putting up with my endless questions, applications, lost ids, paperwork in Kurdish and Arabic....thanks for devoting so much time to help us launch this arsenal today. Thank you to your generous donors for committing to our students, those who have lost much, been driven out and persecuted and have now, through your generosity found acceptance, a home and a future.

Thanks last, but by no way least to our incredible friends, and donors worldwide who believe in our vision and have together donated the funds to make our dream come true. We honor you. Thank you for your trust and belief. Thank you for your generosity of giving. Thank you.

Future students, contact us:

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