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The I19 Prescription

I looked around our campus which was buzzing once again with close to three hundred people queuing up for appointments with our visiting doctors, and I saw more than a medical clinic, I saw a miracle. I saw a taste of the future, a glimpse of biblical history still to be fulfilled. I awoke one morning a few weeks ago to find a text message from a dear Egyptian friend now living in the USA, “In two weeks I am coming with a team of six doctors from Egypt, can you use us for two days?” From that brief text message, a joyful delegation comprising a General Practitioner, General Surgeon, Orthopedic Consultant, Ophthalmologist, Gynecologist, Pharmacist and Physiotherapist arrived complete with an inexhaustible Medical Clown, all led by the loving and effervescent Dr Yvette, came into our lives complete with suitcases of medicine, hygiene products and candy. It was instant love and respect all around. We closed our centre for those two days, cancelling classes so that rooms would be available for the doctors, with private areas for waiting rooms. I am so grateful to our team who were willing to assist the doctors, and their administrators for those days. It was a special experience for us all.


Natiq, Director of The Hope Academy of Music

“When the Egyptian doctors visited us, the centre was buzzing with excitement. The camp knew that doctors were coming and very quickly the word got out that they had brought medicine with them, and for anything they lacked they were writing prescriptions. There are so many people who remain sick as they can not afford any medicine so this was a gift from heaven for them.

It covered an emptiness in our community and broke silence for those who keep their diseases to themselves for lack of money. They came without money, were given respect and a solution.

It was wonderful for our students who came for check-ups, particularly those who survived captivity in ISIS, to know that there are Christian doctors from the Arab world who see us and care about us.”

Natiq. Director of The Hope Academy of Music



“Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. We need such medical clinics as we have no money to go to the doctor. We need such a clinic every three months. If this would happen, then our health would be restored.”




Bashiq. English Teacher

“It was an amazing team of doctors, they worked for two days from 10.00 - 15.00 without taking a break. They did not want to eat lunch until the end of their workday, that alone was an