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Bursting with Pride

At our incredible Yezidi students who are the first in Kurdistan ( in all of Iraq come to that ) to study for an university degree online. Such a joy to see them set up and at home in their Shariya camp based study centre.

Meet Amal, just married, our woman pioneer..." I would like to thank Springs of Hope Foundation for the hope to study again after the Isis genocide, and to University of the People for opening the door" May I add, that we highly desire to see many women follow in Amal's footsteps.

" Although we were displaced from Sinjar on August 3, 2014 and now we are living in Shariya Camp, we didn't give up and we continue our studying and this is due to the Springs of Hope Foundation which opened the gate of hope for many students who missed university because of war in our region" Farhan 1.

" I would like to thank Springs of Hope Foundation for its invaluable activities in our community, and thank you for the opportunity to study online at one of the best universities " Waleed. Waleed is one who ask him to come at 3pm to work on his registration ..he will be waiting outside at 2.30. We never needed to ask him to help, he was always there ready and waiting, just give him the chance.

And I think that is true of all our Yezidi students. Just give them the chance, they will sweat, fight and wrestle with the technics of computer science, with the language with keeping up with a US system. Just give them the chance for a future.

" After the Shingal crisis that displaced us many students gave up on their studies due to financial reasons. I wish to thank Springs of Hope Foundation and University of the People for this opportunity to continue to study and to serve our community in the future. " Fawzi. Whenever we need help, installing the kitchen in our centre, preparing the electricity, whatever it is, Fawzi is there. Our space is theirs. It belongs to them, its home.