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Muna's Paintings

Muna is now 18 years old, and an orphan. Her parents were killed by the black flag people. There is no information regarding her siblings. She lives with extended family in a camp. Muna was deeply traumatized and found refuge in painting. She hopes to become an artist and support herself through selling her art work. 

All the paintings on our website are available for sale. Springs of Hope Foundation has established a trust fund for our budding artists. 50% of the sale go directly to the child, 50% is saved for their higher education, college or university. The best gift that we could give them, good start to life. 


All paintings can be shipped worldwide via DHL. 


You dear viewer set the price. The price of giving a child a future. 
Offers over $300. Please contact us with your generous offer.

Please mention painting details when making an offer, thank you. 

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