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Paint Me Hope

Hope it not nebulous. Hope is tangible. Hope does indeed rise from the ashes of death. Hope lives inside bare, torn tents. Hope stirs in the hearts of our awesome kids. Kids who  escaped the bloodshed of Syria and now hold the status of " asylum seeker " in Iraq.  Yezidi kids who  lost family and life when the black flag people drove into their peaceful Sinjar villages and took them captive into their hell holes. Hope lives. Hope is. 


 Hope is alive. Sometimes it's weak. Some days it crashes. Then rises again.  Their paintings show their reality. One of life amongst death. One of hope for the future. 


Here at Springs of Hope Foundation we believe in investing all in these amazing children, who are fighting not just to survive but to excel and create a future for themselves. 


Because we know that there is hope, and that you dear viewer can be a Hope-Giver,  we have created the Springs of Hope Foundation Educational Trust for these incredible kids. You purchase and in so doing, help ensure a future for that child.
We commit to giving the child an immediate 50% of the purchase .
The remaining 50% is deposited in a savings account to help provide higher education and thus a bright future .


Paint Me Hope. It's a long term investment with outstanding gains.


Paintings can be shipped worldwide via DHL. Offers over $300.

The Kids

Our Painters

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