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The Birthday Cake

A Birthday Cake, its something so very simple, so taken for granted, at least in the West, isn't it? But not here in Iraq. It's a luxury, at least for our children who are refugees, both parentless and homeless, living in tents .


Our wonderful Art Director, lovingly known as SK2 ( and herein is another story ) came to me requesting a budget of $20 to celebrate one of our Syrian children's birthdays. My response was can't!


i so wanted to say " Yes, let's go make a party " but then reality set in. If we celebrate one birthday, we have to celebrate one hundred and maybe more.


Two days later our Yezidi children were given an art assignment, " The Happiest day since the genocide of August 2014" One of our students made a picture of himself with his best friend and a birthday cake. 


So we will celebrate every child's birthday. The day that he came into this world which has since treated him with such cruelty. The Birthday Cake.

A $20 gesture of love that will forever touch lives.

Give 20$ to let our children have an unforgettable Birthday

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