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Hope Medical Centre

The Hope Medical Centre. A statement to life in a community still struggling for air.


Holistic. Multi-Disciplinary. Healing. Educational

A place of life in the midst of death . A birthing centre, so that we can aid the entry of new life into this community. The reality is that most of the surviving Yezidi community do not have the luxury of transport, can not get to a hospital. There are not enough ambulances' and they can not pay hospital fees. Hence The Hope Medical Centre, privately sponsored yet totally public. 

Our desire is to focus this clinic around the needs of the women of the community. Those who have been raped and tortured by ISIS. Those who need to be checked for sexual diseases, which in a community based on honor-shame principles, is a big deal . Those who have contracted HIV. 

Our desire is to provide a medical, trauma home for these women. Set apart from the austerity and threatening hospital wards so typical of the region.

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