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The Rainbow Zone

Is a community and education centre established by USA Springs of Hope Foundation Inc, within a cluster of neglected tenement buildings , erected without any thought for services, for Arabs escaping the invasion of Mosul by ISIS, and Syrian Kurds fleeing for their lives from the Assad regime in Syria, and more recently, from the human disaster zone in the Rojava. War City offered asylum and safety.


SOHF has been working within the heart of the community since 2015, and is deeply integrated into the fibre of every family due to the continuum of provision of early learning and pre-school facilities  for 45 children per semester focusing on Arabic, English reading and writing. 


Afternoon sessions are dedicated to the teenagers of the community, where help is given with school homework.  English and computer science are taught along with a strong emphasis on art and music. The teens also participate in cross cultural events and exhibitions with their Yezidi peers in The Hope Centre, Shariya. 


Since opening our doors, we have provided educational and community services to 855 children and youth. We have taught 855 children and youth about the dignity of difference, honour, respect, tolerance, patience, integrity, honesty. We have taught them how to respond in nonviolent ways,how to communicate, to listen to the other, not to gossip, not to lie, not to steal. We have gently challenged the culture in which they grew up, showing peaceable alternatives.


Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly.

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