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Shaking the House

Dear friend, Shaking the House is a wonderful Kurdish custom which takes place during the transitional weeks between winter and Nawroz, the Kurdish New Year. It’s basically spring cleaning on steroids, everything in the house, from clothes to blankets, and carpets get shaken outside, washed down with the hose or taken to the local car wash which obliges with the customary welcome, and is shaken yet again once clean and dry. And then having shaken all that can be shaken, the community gathers to light the traditional Fire of Nawroz, beginning literally a New Day.


This too is our Shaking the House period. We have been blessed with wonderful guests over the past month but are now tired and are regrouping, which includes rest. Amanda, who curates our e-letters with inspiration and sensitivity, is also recovering from a nasty virus, and we want to give her the needed time to recover.

Meanwhile, we are experimenting with a presence on an app called Space as a way of keeping those who do not use social media updated.

Your invitation to join our Springs of Hope Foundation community is here.


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