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Some of our stories are very simple. There is a delightfulness to be found in their simplicity. It has yet again been a full and impactful week, with our regular studies and treatments, with a workshop about addictive behaviour, and of course rejoicing in the gift of love on "Valentine’s" Day, seeing how those who have lost all, love much. We will turn to these in due course but today I want to focus on a simple story which was sent to us by one of the staff of the local orphanage.

It is extraordinary in two ways. We live in a culture which is not used to saying "thank you" or to give praise. So when we received this message we were blown away.


“When the people who gave you life have departed this earth, you enter a strange new corridor of detachment. You are untethered, disconnected from the two storylines that gave birth to your one.” 

Cicely Tyson. Just as I Am. 


N. Orphanage Manager

"Shiraz, age three, is the youngest member of the orphanage. I remember the first time that we visited the stables he was highly agitated and afraid of everything, certainly the horses and Oscar, also Shano the squirrel and the ducks. He was unhappy and cried. We could not calm him.

All of our other children immediately bonded and would be ready and waiting with huge smiles on their faces when the Springs of Hope bus arrived. Not Shiraz, he would be in tears from the morning, there was no way to comfort him.  We were disappointed for him but decided it would be easier on everyone just to exclude him and keep him in the orphanage, not as a punitive measure but we could not win him round. We did not want to upset him or hold the other children back.

The leaders of the Kids 4 Hope programme however thought differently. They would not give up on him. Salam, Radwan and Avya took Shiraz under their wings. They were his personal guide and protector and succeeded to take him, without tears.

I have been occupied in the last few weeks with the other children’s exams so have not accompanied them to the stables. We trust Springs of Hope, we know how well they take care of our children.  Last week I finally had some time and looked at the photos of all our kiddies including Shiraz, and I could not believe my eyes!!  I was over the moon to see him with all the children, with the horses and the other cute animals, smiling and relaxed. As I looked at the photos my heart was overflowing with joy, I had no words to describe my feeling. I saw healing pouring into him. I saw acceptance, connection, the connection that he needed so badly.

I look back at his traumatic beginning, his sense of failure, our disappointment, and I look at him today, well integrated, confident. These days he is the most excited of all our children to go. Every Thursday when I ask "who is ready to go to the horses" he shouts, "I am, I am, look at me, I am ready!"

From the bottom of my heart and the bottom of our children's hearts, thank you Springs of Hope for changing our orphans lives, for adopting them into your family and for giving them life from the dead. Thank you for grounding them and connecting them with those outside their world."


N. Orphanage Manager



Thank you for helping us to Re-Tether these precious children and to take up their cause. In this coming week we will help paint the orphanage, with their children helping us. Maybe we will be able to paint a picture of one of our horses for Shiraz.


“Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.” 

Isaiah 1:17


Can you help?

With your help our staff our transforming the lives of children who have lost so much - with love and hope.


Every donation makes a huge difference.


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