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Miss Sue

We have a family update this week. Recently our beloved ESL teacher, Miss Sue, became sick. "Her girls" as they are known both to us and to her, decided to send her a get well soon message. A message of healing from those whose lives are being healed.

Their decision was so very precious that we want to share their expression of love and hope to Miss Sue with you, as it is yet another sign of healing in progress. One year ago they would not have been able to express their emotions. One year ago their emotions were suppressed and stuck deep inside them. One year ago they were not able or ready to connect with someone else, to think about someone other than themselves. How much can change in a year. We live in constant amazement as we watch their initiatives.

The week after our Miss Sue took a break from teaching, her girls turned up all wearing white. We had no idea what was taking place. Her girls knew exactly what they were doing, everything was fine tuned. They would paint pictures and make a video clip to send her to encourage her as she recovers.

"We decided, all of us together, we decided to wear white clothes as a sign of respect and in honor of Miss Sue. White is a sacred color that shows purity, healing, peace. Her body needs a touch of peace and healing so that she can return to us."



"She has been so very patient in teaching us English. Miss Sue is never in a hurry, she will repeat things a thousand times until we understand. So now it is our turn to be patient for her, until she heals and is well again. Now we are here for her. She made our life better, now we will make hers better.

I love everything about you, Miss Sue. I love when you smile, your whole face becomes bright and light. It’s true that learning English is hard but when we see your smile, it becomes so easy for us." - Kristina



"We decided to wear white to show Miss Sue that a group of pure hearted kids love her and are with her. To tell her that we are praying for her. We are by her side and will never leave her. I love Miss Sue and I appreciate all her hard work in teaching us." - Shahla



"We have been blessed since the day that we met her, now it is our opportunity to bless her. I love you so much Miss Sue. I love you because you treat us and love us like your children. I pray for you to get well fast."