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Life Water

by Dr Saeed Alo Khudeida

CEO Springs of Hope Foundation

“Welcome everybody. I have a lot to say about 2021 and 2022 what we have accomplished and what we can do this year.

I have three points with regards to that which we have done, firstly I think that no one can find another NGO in either Kurdistan or Iraq who could collect and gather all the departments we have under one word. HOPE. We have a lot of departments in the Springs of Hope Foundation. We began with English language and computers, and we closed 2021 with our latest project, Horses for Hope.

Look at all of these departments, no one, I think, can do this work. This is not the work of one NGO. I can say that this is really a Foundation, we are not working like an NGO. I can say that 10 NGOs can not do the work that we are doing.

Building Horses for Hope

My second point is that Springs of Hope Foundation is like a big tent. No one else could gather all these groups under such a tent, orphaned children, youth, old people, minority groups, religious groups, and to give them and to share HOPE.

I think that we have given many keys to many people. That does not mean that all those people who we gave the key to can cross the road to Hope. Some still don't know how to use the key and some might lose the key, but I am sure that most of them can go on the straight way and will use that key in the future. Giving them this key is so important.

After the fire in Shariya Camp destroyed precious belongings, Muhaned is gifted a new camera and a much loved trike is replaced.

The third point, here at Springs of Hope Foundation we are building people. In my opinion, this is so important. How are we b