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Kurdish Clothes Day

This has been an incredibly busy week as we raced against time and the elements to complete the Horses for Hope stables by the weekend. Sunday, March 13th, will see our first horses arriving, and then we head into a week of celebrations leading up to the Kurdish New Year celebration of Newroz.

Our event schedule this week, events of course are in addition to our daily educational and vocational schedules.


The first 5k run that we have held, Run for Hope.


Hope Couture by the Sewing Hope team Fashion Show.


The opening of Horses for Hope Equine Assisted Therapy Centre


Thursday, March 10th saw us celebrating Kurdish Clothes Day which was introduced in 2010 by the then Minister of Education as a way to honor Kurdish culture as globalization and foreign influence pressed into the region.

Today, due to time constraints of writing. I present some of the photos and videos from our celebration, one which was marked by such joy and freedom, an event which could have continued way into the evening.

It was also an informal dress rehearsal for our Sewing Hope ladies, who were given the opportunity to present the super glamorous Kurdish clothes that they had sewn for both women and our younger boys.

"I clothed you with embroidered cloth, I wrapped you with fine linen and covered you with silk."

Ezekiel 16:10.


"I put on righteousness as my clothing, justice was my robe and my turban."

Job 29.14

Click on the videos below to watch the dancing in action!


"You shall make tunics, you shall also make sashes, you shall make caps for them for glory and for beauty."

Ex 28: 40

"The King’s daughter is all glorious within. Her clothing is interwoven with gold. She will be led to the King in embroidered work."

Psalm 45

Kurdish Clothes Day is a joyful day. For me it's an annual barometer, a measuring gauge. It tells me where the alliance of our students falls. It shows me who is planted, connected to and has embraced their history as Kurds, and who is still aligned with Baghdad and Iraq. It reveals levels of healing, the freedom to take a chance, where holding a microphone to announce the name of a dress receives applause worthy of a rock star. The success of one is the victory of all.

Our day was marked by joy, by freedom to express an abandonment to joy that is growing stronger in our midst day by day, week by week. Our barometer pronounced it to be a Miracle.


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