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Khero the Warrior Father

Khero is by nature a gate opener, or a gate breaker-down. Of all the Sinjari’s who fled ISIS when they invaded the ancient Yezidi lands in North West Iraqi, Khero with just his family in his pick up and a few documents in his hands was the first to go into Shariya village where he bumped into Dr Saeed, and stated, “I am here to help.”

Khero our Hero has always been our Go To Man when it comes to the Sinjari tent population. He is our waymaker, he is our barometer. He is a warrior and he is a father. It is Khero the Father and the Warrior who speaks today. The father who fought for his daughter on a battlefield unknown to him.


Some time has passed since my daughter Sibar returned from her heart surgery in another country. Since her safe return I wanted to thank you all, but felt due to the situation it would be better to wait for a while. I hope that you understand my delay. I was trying to be careful.

I want to thank Springs of Hope for springing into action upon the discovery of my daughter in that hospital. I want to thank each one of you who helped with the cost of surgery and who prayed for her, without you she would have died, her days were running out.

I know that some of you continually assured Miss L of your prayers, and sent her text messages asking how my daughter is. Without you, we could not have endured this time. You saved one soul and one life. We will always be grateful to you.

You helped my wife and my daughter in a very respectful way, you treated them as a part of you, as part of your family since they landed on your land.

I am so grateful for Miss L. I know that this was complicated for her and our organisation but she behaved with her unconditional love and help.

My daughter is much better now, the doctors said that she will need one more surgery but for now she is good. Thank God, she is eating well and gaining weight, she is breathing, she is no longer blue. She is laughing and talking to us. This is a miracle, one that happened thanks to your kindness to us.

My feelings, my emotions are indescribable, for as long as we will be alive we owe SOHF and we owe you. We don't have the words to thank you. You are amazing people. God bless you and give you a reward for taking care of our daughter.


As a mother I thank you. I thank Springs of Hope Foundation and all of our friends who gave money to help save Sibar’s life and who prayed for us. I am thankful and grateful beyond infinity and into eternity.

It was a very hard decision to make. I did not speak the language and had no one who spoke mine. I hesitated, one day I said that I would go, the next I was fearful and said no. In the end I had to put my fear and all my concerns to the side and to go for the sake of my daughter’s life. I knew it was not about me understanding people, or feeling comfortable, though everyone, absolutely everyone was so kind to me. I knew that this had to be done to keep my daughter alive. We have buried one son and I had to do everything to keep this gift from God alive.

I know that Miss L kept calling everyone and checking up on us. Everyone was very respectful of us, and very helpful. When she was in surgery for seven hours, I was terrified. I prayed to God non stop. Thank God she is ok.

She has to make one more echo scan. I decided to return home and to do it in my county as I would have needed to remain there for two months.

I know that Miss L fought for the money that we had given towards the surgery to be returned to us, and that all the rental costs and medical costs would be completely covered. I know that you friends gave everything for my daughter. I am eternally grateful to you.

If you ever come to visit my country I will make lunch for you and you are welcome to stay with us. If you can not come, I think that one day we will meet anyway. Thanks be to God for the life of my daughter.


Can you help?

Your springing into action saved a life. Everyday we save lives in so many different ways - will you help us?

Every donation makes a huge difference.


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