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Every encounter with our two (currently two, we are waiting for a sonogram to tell us whether Nawroz is pregnant, something we have wondered since she arrived) horses is different. Every visit is different. The crossing of the bumpy lane, the waiting for the sheep or the goats to pass is the same, the massive crater where the lane dives down is always there, but it is like entering Narnia, “never the same way twice.” Natik and I had been discussing the effect of music upon people, whether it be restorative, jaring, calming, stirring and a myriad of possibilities, when our conversation turned to horses. Could music affect the mood of a horse, would they enjoy music, could it be used to pacify them for example when trimming their hooves, would they like classical, major key, minor key, would Arabian horses be predisposed to more Arabic sounds? Questions we had, answers none but we were determined to discover.

Natik. Director of the Hope Academy

In their former home, being ridden non-stop in a riding school they were used to an enclosed space with piped music, anything from pop to Kurdish music, music that echoed and personally I would have blocked out. I guess that is all they knew. But to have their own private musicians inside their personal space was a different story.

We took some of our Hope Academy music students to begin their relationship with Taj and Nawroz from the place of music knowing that this was going to be something between an adventure and an experiment, having no expectations but a sense of anticipation that something out of the ordinary would take place.

“Horses lend us the wings we lack.” - PAM BROWN


“It was an amazing day, different from any other day in my life. Nature and music connected and we touched heaven. I was interested to see how they reacted to music, yes they were busy eating the grass, but I could see that they were both listening and enjoying our music. It was a day where souls connected, where we, the horses and the music touched something eternal and made something eternal happen.”