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Building Legacy

The act of Giving Back to our community is an important part of the healing and restoration process. Two years ago no student would volunteer to return kindness as the focus was on personal survival. Many felt no connection whatsoever with the Kurdish Yezidi community, by providing our students a platform to help and prosper our village community, they connect, they put roots down and make friends with those outside the camp. As a result of going inside a non threatening, non Daeshi school there are those who make the decision, after years in captivity to return to school and complete the years of lost education

This week our blog will focus on a group of art students who decided to cheer up the dilapidated Zelan Primary School in Shariya Village.

"In the name of God, we as Zelan school are very thankful to Springs of Hope Foundation and appreciate their hard work over four days. We, the staff and students appreciate their painting of two classrooms, the sports playground and exterior walls.

I hope that Springs of Hope will be able to continue such vital and amazing work for our community. Once again in the name of Zelan school, we are grateful."

- Ali Kret Ali, Director



"I went to Zelan school to paint. I could only work for two of the four days. It was important to contribute something to my new community. It was wonderful to go outside the camp and help others whose school had no color and was boring. I loved it that the kids came up to me and were chatting asking me where I learned to paint, who taught me about colors and how I learned to paint. Springs of Hope have given me my life back so it’s amazing to give to others."

"Your mind expands when you give. Your heart expands when you share, and your soul expands when you are charitable."

- Matshona Dhliwayo



"Wow, it was so great to go to the school and paint the walls. I felt so happy. Just to see the color coming and the feeling changing and the kids excited was amazing. I felt very useful as I also took photos. I held a real camera not just a phone camera. I was very proud of our work and I love the way we work together as a family. Going to the school has removed some of my fear and I think that I will ask Springs of Hope to take me to register my name."



"Oh, I was so excited because this was my first Giving Back activity. The first time I had ever painted. It was so special to do something that was so full of color and life for our community. I enjoyed doing this for the primary age kids because they are our future. I know the students were so happy, they were chatting and laughing. The colors changed the school atmosphere, turning it into a place of Hope, Love and Life. I heard a group of students saying, "we are happy and thankful that Springs of Hope came because where there is no color, there is no life. Today life came to our school.""

"Gratitude begins in our hearts and then dovetails into behalf. It makes you willing to be of service which is where the joy resides."

- Anne Lamott



"Springs of Hope gave me the chance and taught me how to paint. It was such an honor to be asked if I was willing to paint for someone less fortunate in the community. The atmosphere of the school changed with every day that we worked. The kids began to smile. The teachers loved it. I am sure that the entire psychology of study will change from the moment that the students draw close to the school. Several of the students want to register to participate in our art classes."


The DNA of Springs of Hope Foundation is one of HOPE, one of LIFE. It was our joy to deposit a taste as it were of our culture into the lifestyle of the Zelan school. We are now receiving calls from other schools asking us to come and shift their atmosphere.

There are 14 educational institutions in Shariya Camp and the village. Each school costs us a minimum of $300 in paint, transport and food for our student painters.

Together we can create a new atmosphere in our community, a shift that will have an impact on our rising generations.

"If you are not reaching back to someone then you are not building a legacy."

- Laila Gifty Akita


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