Alive With The Sound Of Music

Until we started to teach our children music, some of them never heard a single note before. With time, they discover the healing effects music has on them and others.

I would like to say that my first glimpse of Shariya Camp in all its newness, glistening between the mountains, took my breath away. It did not. We (another story) had driven mostly off road (read in the ditches) determinedly passing the endless oil tankers, non stop for the seven hours from Halabja by the Iranian border. I was about ready to throw up at all our “near misses“ that occurred at the gentle speed of 180kmh on roads designed for 50.

The second time, however, was different, more sedate, more thoughtful. More aware. More tuned in to the surroundings. The camp actually did glisten in the sun, the tents still were a pristine white, only standing for a few months. The camp was home to the sound of silence and the awe of shock.