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A Week in Our Life...

Due to Lisa's U.S. Itinerary, there will be no update this week but we'd love to share a photo journal of our week with you and hope that all these smiling faces will encourage you and let you know that you are helping us to make a real difference...


Day Out With the Horses For Our Orphans


The Hope Academy of Music


The Rainbow Zone - Our Syrian Kindergarten


Birthdays in the Rainbow Zone with Happy Syrian Mums


Sewing Hope, the Kingdom of the Wonderful Mr. Payiz and His Dreams


Summertime Storytelling

Noori using National Geographic material and Avya kids books in simple English


Winter Prep in the Hope Garden


Hope Medial Camp Visits

This is the legendary Miss Kene who comes every day for a glass of milk and chat and to receive a blessing

A small glimpse into just part of our week. We hope the pictures will encourage you that broken lives can be restored. Beauty does rise from under the ashes with love, determination and much patience.


“I wish I had a balloon house. Bad men came and destroyed my house. I would like a balloon house. I would put it in a beautiful place . If bad men come again then we could fly away to a safer place." - Hazina


Can you help?

Thank you for helping us bring beauty from out of the ashes. With your support lives are transformed!

Every donation makes a huge difference.


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