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Happy New Year from Kurdistan

You remember the scene from the film Narnia, where Aslan arrives to confront the Witch, and slowly the ice begins to melt, and winter begins to end and fade away? Well I am needing an Aslan right now to enter so that we can be done with this never ending Baba Noel that began back somewhere and goes on ad infinitum!!

But anyway, Happy New Year from Kurdistan!!

We held a New Year party today for our Kids in War. Yes the playing of Jingle Bells isn't quite my scene but, and it's a huge but, when I look at the decimation and destruction that our Syrian kids have known, the devastation, the bombs, the fear, the hiding, the running, the eventual escape and fleeing...and I just watch them now in our winter tent, with the mattresses spread all over the carpet, relaxed, laughing, singing, not afraid, then I say, Baba Noel, we'll take you any day!

Free and safe to express themselves. Painting life not death. Painting new beginnings that we are entrusted to gently deliver into their lives.

With new, like-minded friends in place of enemies. Smiles in place of tears.

Safety. Simply that, safety. That journey from a relentless, unforgiving nightmare to laughter, acceptance, safety, safety and refuge. Our Kids are termed " asylum seekers" I think that they are " refuge dwellers."

Hope for the future. It's here amongst us, tangible, smellable, reachable. Hope. It has form, shape, color. It's present with us. It's in their hearts.

" For last year's words belong to last year's language, and next year's words await next year's voice" T.S.Eliot. Watch oh so carefully, and listen well, our Kids in War they are discovering a new voice and a very new language. Listen well this year dear friends, listen well.

" The object of a New Year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul, and a new nose; new feet, new backbone, new ears and new eyes." -G.K Chesterton.

Our precious Kids in War, our Kids Pursuing Peace. They have. New.

Happy New Year!

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