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The Art of Giving...

Consists in this. The gift should cost very little, and yet be greatly coveted, so that it may be more highly appreciated " Baltasar Gracian.

We love giving. Yes everyone talks about " self sustainability ' and we believe in that, work for that and promote that every way possible. But nothing compares to the joy of giving. To giving with a passion that draws you close into the community. Giving that says, " hey we care, you are not forgotten, the passing of time does not cause us to write you off, maybe you don't have the ability to study or the health to work, that's why we are here, giving. "

We give and thus we pull in the community. We become closer and more tightly knit together. We hear their stories, hear their pain, hear about the new born baby, hear about the kid who stole a bike. Partake in the ups and downs, the joys and sorrows of in-camp life. We inevitable rope in our Kids, the Springs Kids, those who lived lack and want for close to three years and now just love joining us in giving. Of course , namely our Akram!! He has to be Head of Operations, works for ten minutes maybe , delegates to our volunteers and then it's time for rest in the pick-up and of course , the perfect place for a photo shot of him sporting a new hair cut!! Champion is our Akram. Needless to say there was a little pre-negotiation with Camp Manager Saud regarding our Akram's abilities to give and not disappear with the goods and sell them on the open market. Another needless to say, our Chief of Staff won!

We see giving as an exercise of the heart. We can not say that we love, if we do not give. We also know that the manner of giving, the very way that we give, taking time, connecting, listening, that alone is worth as much if not more than the gift itself. For some of these women whom we call The Women in White, this is the highlight not of their day, not of their week but of their month. Giving day. It's an opportunity to pull hope down and feel and touch it. It's these small gestures of giving that truly pour oil and salve into painful wounds.

We're given out for today, 250 families were given to. 250 drops of healing oil spreading now over their skin reaching places we can't even dream of. Watch this space. We'll be loading up again and heading out. Giving. Our Passion. Our Culture. Oh and Mr Chief of Staff...thanks, you're a star!:)

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