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The Royal Armoire

Soon to be launched. In honor of the triumphant spirit of the Yezidi women. In partnership with Villarrazo, Madrid. Haute Couture dresses, make up, beauty products, handbags...all on their way to Shariya, Kurdistan.

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine. Imagine the cruel years under the Black Flag, the dangerous release from captivity never knowing whether you will actually make it " home " i.e. to a tent. The darkness, the death that just hovers and pervades every second of every day. The fear, the terror by night and the dread by day. The attempted humiliation and degradation. The triumph of survival. The victory of escape and release.

Imagine a luxurious bath, candles, beauty products, scent, peace, privacy, quietness, serenity, safety. Imagine gently being led to an armoire full of the most colorful of clothes, the most pleasurable of fabrics and being able to chose a new dress, a new handbag. Imagine standing before an armoire packed full of dresses, skirts, jackets each singing a different song. The soon to be owner will hear that song and recognize it. The garment will indeed chose its wearer.

Imagine leaving the dark robes of captivity behind outside the bathroom and walking away rested, fed, with new clothes, new color, new scent, new shoes. A leaving of captivity behind and walking into freedom regained.

Can you? We can. A new project of Springs of Hope Foundation is about to be launched in Shariya Village. It involves a house, renovations, then beauty. It will take some time but soon you will see The Royal Armoire, for women of valor and royalty.

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