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Waging Peace in War

We're gaining more Kids in War. Tread carefully child. You are entering a new zone. One you have not touched before. Here you tread differently. Here you breathe differently. Here you walk with a difference. Here you stand taller than tall. Here you are loved and dare to love with an exuberance and passion.

Potential Peace Wagers. Those who dare to break the classic rules of War.

The parents come, their faces etched with pain inflicted in a now far off land. Their hope is that their children will gain more than they have lost. Hope lives strong for their children. For their children they will plead. Not that they need to, we just love to gather them.

Princesses with sad eyes gold bracelets and pearls, wait patiently for their turn to register. Oh to see them not just smile but giggle from their stomachs with joyful laughter. That will come.

The atmosphere is different inside our gates. It's a journey into the stratosphere. We being their protective layer. Anything can happen here. And everything does. And it all begins here, in a rainbow colored place, around a table with one Israeli Jew, on Yezidi and one Muslim. Blessed be the Peace Wagers. They will win War.