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The place where there is no wind

" We walked on the moon. We made footprints somewhere no one else had ever made footprints, and unless someone comes and rubs them out, those footprints will be there for ever because there's no wind." Frank Cottrell Boyce: Cosmic.

That's life in here in War City. No wind. Footprints yes, many. We teach our kids to walk different. To make footprints where no one else has ever been.

We carry them when they don't know where to tread. We lift them when they don't know how to place their feet and gently lower them into place.

We give them the confidence to make their mark. To make pioneer steps.

We help them to chose each step with thought, with caution, yet with bold daring. The footprints that they are leaving behind, their individual footprint, their mark is as important as the path that they are forging . They are writing their journey, making their story. It's amazing to observe.

Even in War, there is a different path they can take. A path where no wind blows. The Kids of War. Walking different. Walking through War.

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