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The Cinderella Project

There's a song, which I actually don't know, just the title keeps rolling in my mind, "All God's children have shoes." Well except ours that is. The Yezidi kids who fled the black flag people who invaded their homes and villages in the middle of a hot August night almost four years ago. 


Thousands upon thousands of Yezidis fled barefoot , their feet burning upon the rocks and mountains as they ran to preserve what remained of their life. 


Close to four years later most of the kids with whom we do life, still don't have shoes. Some turn up to our centre totally barefoot. Some wade through the mud of the winter and then burn their feet in the scorching dust of the summer with simple plastic flip flops. It pains us to look down at their feet knowing the abuse those feet have born in silence.


A little can indeed change a lot. $20 will buy our kids a great pair of leather shoes . As Cinderella said" One shoe can change your life"


The Cinderella Project, simple but life changing.

Donate 20$, put shoes on the soles of one of our children

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Or, Choose your own  donation amount here

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Still a lot of bare feet, but here is some of the shoes we got with your help!

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