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The Lunch Box

It all began with two hungry children, one a Syrian refugee , the other a displaced Yezidi orphan child.


We had just completed registration  for our restorative therapy  art class in The Hope Centre, Shariya camp, a class which we keep deliberately small so as to give our kids who were all taken captive under the black flag, very personal attention. A  young Yezidi  boy came and asked to register, we took his details and promised him that he would be the first the following semester as the class was full. He walked away with his head hanging. 


He came again for the next three consecutive days. We told him again that he was first on the list .. On the fourth day he said so simply. " I hear that you give orange juice and food. I am hungry, I have no food, may i come" Our hearts broke. We fed him.


A similar story happened in War City with our Syrian refugees, where during the break one of the girls opened the doors and left the property without permission. I followed her. She went into the tenement building opposite where her brother was sitting and gave him her juice and pita bread with nutella. At the end of the day I gave her all our remaining bread and the nutella.


The Lunch Box... it doesn't cost much to feed one hungry child. $25 for a month. Our kids are hungry. If you can drop some money into our Lunch Box, they will be grateful.

Donate 25$, feed one of our children for a month

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Or, Choose your own  donation amount here

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