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The Birth of a New World

Miss Pat blew into our lives Mary Poppins style. She simply appeared out of nowhere, via Japan, she was not and then she was. She supposedly came to us as a USA based English online teacher and I soon discovered three things namely that she did not like me, but she loved the kids (more important) and she was and still is, totally epic. Just like Mary Poppins, she is “practically perfect in every way” although like her namesake, she never tells me anything!!

Miss Pat is way more than a beloved English teacher. Miss Pat is a way of life, Miss Pat is an entire world. She is a living epistle of love, care, compassion and encouragement to our students whose entire beings light up when they see her on screen. It is impossible to describe her dedication to our Yezidi students, one just has to note that she is online with them way before dawn is breaking in the USA. She has done way more than teach them English, she has opened up her life and friends to them, she has expanded their world, stretched their horizons and continually encouraged them.

A few evenings ago, needing to chill out from my brain which annoyingly chose the late evening hours to process the imminence of the rise of the new Baath party and its incorporation into a revived and renewed ISIS, I turned to Netflix and watched a sweet movie where a group of friends decided to memorialize themselves, to say all the things that one does about a dead person, but whilst very much alive.

It was then that I realized that this universe called Miss Pat, has never been publicly thanked. So today is about you Miss Pat also known as the “I Love You & Peace” Lady. It is our living tribute of love.


“She’s something special you see.”

P.L Travers, Mary Poppins



“Miss Pat’s voice is psychologically comforting, she has become a friend, even a best friend, one who has motivated me to achieve my dreams. I remember when I said that “my dream is impossible” she brought a very famous pilot ( Captain Tammy Jo Schultz ) to talk to us. I don't have enough words to thank her or describe her.” Aveen

Guest speaker: Captain Tammy Jo Schultz of American Airline



““Before meeting Miss Pat I was afraid of speaking in English with foreigners, thanks to her, I now have the confidence and it has become normal. She gives us very practical subjects, ones to which we can relate, ones that have meaning for our everyday life in Iraq yet lead us forward. She is always smiling, always patient which makes for a wonderful atmosphere in class. English classes in schools are very boring, but our time with her is always fun, and time passes so fast that the end of the lesson comes too quickly. Thank you, Miss Pat.”




“Miss Pat’s English class is more than just “a class”, it’s a world where we learn everything. She teaches us more about life, shows us the world and motivates us to keep developing ourselves. She is not “just a teacher”. Miss Pat is a treasured friend. Her class is a place where I find mental peace. I am so thankful for her.”




“I don’t know how to start, or where to begin. I will try because I want to be sure that Miss Pat knows my appreciation of her.

She always ensures that everyone is engaged and is encouraged. She freely compliments and gives credit to all the students, ensuring that everyone has a smile on their face and is happy in class.

The most important of all is that she has never looked upon us as her students, but as her children, treating everyone with kindness and equality. The experience of doing life with her, even from a distance, never ages.”




“She is the best English teacher ever. Firstly, because she has a special strategy of teaching. English class is in English, not in Kurdish. She brings us both popular topics and famous people so that we will learn more vocabulary and gain confidence in speaking. Most important is that we know that she loves us, and we love her.” Yalmaz



“Miss Pat is a completely different teacher. She is a wonderful presence, positive, humorous, and very patient with her students. She does not want to be called Miss Pat and establishes a difference between herself and the other teachers, she wants us to call her Pat, because our relationship is one of friendship, one of family, we are not her students but her family. I always look forward to Mondays and am sorry if I have to miss class.” - Lozina



“Pat is a great teacher with a wonderful personality. She is helpful with us, she does not treat us as her students but as her children. She has changed my perspective on many things in life, she is a great support and always motivates me. Her care for us is limitless.”




“Miss Pat is a wonderful lady; she is always excited and happy to be with the students in her class. She is helpful and kind with us all. She is not like a teacher but like a close friend. All of her students love her. She has a generous and beautiful soul. We are grateful.” - Sahla


“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

Anais Nin



Thank you, Miss Pat, for birthing new worlds in our Yezidi students. Thank you for being a constant in their broken lives. Thank you for encouraging them to believe in themselves, to see beyond the confines of tent roofs and to reach for the stars. Thank you for being Miss Pat.

I remember that when asked for how long she would stay, the wonderful Mary Poppins replied “until the wind changes” meaning until their lives improve. The lives of our English students, your kids, have improved thanks to you but I pray that you will continue to stay, and fresh winds will blow into your classroom during the course of this Hebraic year.

With love

With gratitude

With admiration.


Guest Speakers


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