Bursting with Pride

At our incredible Yezidi students who are the first in Kurdistan ( in all of Iraq come to that ) to study for an university degree online. Such a joy to see them set up and at home in their Shariya camp based study centre. Meet Amal, just married, our woman pioneer..." I would like to thank Springs of Hope Foundation for the hope to study again after the Isis genocide, and to University of the People for opening the door" May I add, that we highly desire to see many women follow in Amal's footsteps. " Although we were displaced from Sinjar on August 3, 2014 and now we are living in Shariya Camp, we didn't give up and we continue our studying and this is due to the Springs of Hope Foundation

The Art of Giving...

Consists in this. The gift should cost very little, and yet be greatly coveted, so that it may be more highly appreciated " Baltasar Gracian. We love giving. Yes everyone talks about " self sustainability ' and we believe in that, work for that and promote that every way possible. But nothing compares to the joy of giving. To giving with a passion that draws you close into the community. Giving that says, " hey we care, you are not forgotten, the passing of time does not cause us to write you off, maybe you don't have the ability to study or the health to work, that's why we are here, giving. " We give and thus we pull in the community. We become closer and more tightly knit together. We hea

The Royal Armoire

Soon to be launched. In honor of the triumphant spirit of the Yezidi women. In partnership with Villarrazo, Madrid. Haute Couture dresses, make up, beauty products, handbags...all on their way to Shariya, Kurdistan. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine. Imagine the cruel years under the Black Flag, the dangerous release from captivity never knowing whether you will actually make it " home " i.e. to a tent. The darkness, the death that just hovers and pervades every second of every day. The fear, the terror by night and the dread by day. The attempted humiliation and degradation. The triumph of survival. The victory of escape and release. Imagine a luxurious bath, candles, beauty products

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